COOL designers are trained in the effective use of learning technologies to support desired learning outcomes. From small budget projects with short timelines to long-term development of complex programs, the COOL team is experienced in use of a full range of content production tools. Contact us to learn more about our work.

COOL Tools

We’ll help you find the right tool for your online teaching, from our custom-built lightboard to a variety of technology solutions.

Strategic Promotion

The COOL provides market analysis and develops strategic enrollment marketing initiatives for traditional and targeted adult student audiences.

Faculty Lectures in the COOL Studio

Our small studio equipped with a teleprompter, green screen, multiple cameras, and LED lighting is perfect for filming lecture segments.

Combined Lecture and Animation

Learning content comes alive when faculty lectures are edited to include animation, motion graphics, and visual effects.

Faculty Lectures on Location

Our creative team will scout locations to create a unique tone for lectures, such as the stage set in this dramatic arts course.

Animation and Illustration

We create custom animations and illustrations to engage students in learning and aid understanding of complex concepts.

Interactive Modules

COOL instructional designers utilize a variety of e-learning authoring tools to create engaging, interactive learning content.

PowerPoint Redesigns

PowerPoint decks become effective embeddable content with a COOL redesign and the addition of voice narration and animation.

Training Modules

The COOL team has created interactive online training modules for a variety of audiences, UNC departments, and applications.

Interactive Timelines

COOL instructional technologists incorporate interactive elements such as timelines, games, case studies, branching scenarios, and surveys.